Google calendars for Toronto waste collection

These will tell you right up front which of Garbage/Recycling/Green Bin/Yard Waste/Xmas Tree are in effect for any given collection day, including in the notification if you set one up.

If you don't know what schedule is in effect for your area, click here to figure it out. For example, where I live it is "Thursday1"

Click on a link below to add the appropriate calendar to your list of Google calendars.

If you don't know how to set a reminder notification, just go to your Google calendars, click on the three dots on the right-hand side of the Toronto waste calendar you added, then Settings and sharing, and then scroll down to "All-day event notifications" (note: not Event notifications.) Add the time of day you would want to be alerted (presumably the day before - which is the default.)

It is my hope and intention to run the code to update these calendars at the end of every year, such that these are always up to date (assuming that the data has been made accessible by Open Data - which is where my code gets it from.) There should therefore be no need for you to obtain new waste calendars.